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Not a Single Saint was Axed by Zuma

By Nco Dube
On a serious note. When Pravin and the others were elevated to sainthood by the White Inc it wasn’t for liking them or thinking there was something special about them. It was a calculated move to further divide an already fractured ANC. And on that score they, with our assistance, have succeeded brilliantly. 

For this, we all have to hang our heads in shame.

This fight is not about corruption. It’s a fight for the further protection for white privilege and monopoly. 

I don’t for one minute believe all the claims going around of Pravin being a White Inc agent. He and the other merely allowed themselves to be used by WMC. Maybe they believed it was the only way to correct what is wrong in the Movement but I beg to differ. If they believed so much in what they believe is right they should have corrected things in the NEC and in Cabinet. Yet they continued blissfully serving under the same man they were calling corrupt and a thief. 

How do you fight corruption while serving at the pleasure of the person you claim is central to that corruption? They should have used their powers in both the NEC and Cabinet to force the President to resign. Failing which they should have resigned themselves. But they found it tenable to serve under an apparent corrupt thief. What does that say about them? 

I shed no tear for any of the fired Cabinet Ministers. In fact I believe more should have been fired. No President can be expected to keep soldiers who won’t fight for him. If they don’t make their move as the must, then they must suffer the consequences.

What you can not do is go around calling your boss a thief but not doing anything against him. You then become responsible for him being there.

The GUPTA narrative was and is simply a red herring used brilliantly to distract us. The Guptas are no different from monopoly capital. They are new players trying to muscle in in a space long preserved only for the White Inc.

There is no better devil here the Guptas and the Ruperts et al are all parasites getting fat on the blood of the poor people of this nation. It’s like drug smugglers setting the police on a mule carrying a small amount of drugs while a much bigger shipment passes through unhindered.

My problem is when we want to fight the minuscule player and leave the monopoly untouched. Nothing will change in the sphere of State Capture by removing just the Guptas. Disrupt the whole show by targeting all of the if you are sincere about it.

Stop getting distracted by inconsequential fights designed to shield real culprits. 

My position remains unchanged. The ANC is haemorrhaging votes badly and it seems the only way to stop that is to effect immediate radical change in the organisation.

Removing just the President will not solve anything. The whole NEC must go. They have failed dismally in directing the fortunes of the organisation and they have failed to protect the ANC from both the external enemies and from itself.

The last elections should have been a clear call to the NEC to immediately take responsibility through action, not just though press statements. 

Clearly, we didn’t learn anything from that because we are still reactive, arrogant and presumptuous towards the electorate.

We need to all take responsibility by taking action to save the ANC and the country. Otherwise we will be blaming Julius for giving us a DA President in 2019. 


The Class Wars

More relevant today than it was then


By Nco Dube
It is a sad myth that the Middle Class has the power to influence political discourse and political fortunes simply because they are educated. This is especially so in the South African context where the Middle Class’ composition is abnormal due to centuries of colonial rule and decades of apartheid. In South Africa, the Middle Class is racially constituted.
The Middle Class seems to have a strong belief that they are at the top of the class echelon and that they actually can dictate to other classes especially the working class on how they should behave, how they should choose their leaders and so on.
Let us start by looking at the existing classes and how they relate to each other. For society to function according to certain rules, whether democratic or not, there needs to be an interdependent set of groups to feed off each other…

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Attacks On Nompendulo Mkhatshwa a Proxy For Attack On Anything ANC

By Nco Dube

The public lynching of Wits SRC President and #WitsFeesMustFall leader Nompendulo Mkhatshwa is evidence of how intolerant the liberal consensus and their white media is of anything that challenges their agreed to narrative. The fact that on social media this was led mostly by mostly black people is sad. Many think this was ignited by the unveiling of the December issue Destiny Magazine with her face on but no, the seed had already been planted when an article emerged a week ago purporting to expose her as an ANC compromised student leader.

Apparently we did not notice her ANC head scarf that she wore proudly throughout the #FeesMustFall protests. The fact that four student leaders that were very prominent never hid or even try to minimize their political affiliations was apparently invisible. That the three SASCO student leaders and the one EFFSC student leader wore their ANC and EFF party regalia with pride throughout is now a myth.

It is funny how no one questioned her political affiliation (maybe because this was so obvious) during the protests when we were bombarded with iconic pictures of her and her colleagues leading the protests and taking the Government head on. 

She was celebrated as a new age leader. A new generation of fearless born free leaders that weren’t shackled by loyalty to the ANC and the struggle.

Why then is it a problem now that Ms Mkhatshwa is on a magazine cover with her now trademark ANC headscarf?

I will tell you why.

It is now a problem because this young women represents what the liberal consensus and their white media are against. 

She challenges and threatens the myth that ANC supporters are stupid, uneducated and voting cattle who can’t think for themselves and who never challenge the ANC. I can not even begin to count the number of times I myself have be called stupid, with no brain, in the ANC ‘s pocket etc by daring to say or write anything positive about the ANC. It doesn’t matter if what I say is correct or not. Not at all.

Here is a young brilliant and fearless student leader who is not just a member but a budding leader in the ANC standing up to her elders in the ANC and challenging them by reminding them of their election promise of a free education for all.

It just can’t be. The white media on behalf of the white opposition have worked too hard in brainwashing even the minds of black people that there are no critical independent thinkers in the ANC.

This goes to the heart of the well orchestrated campaign by the white media to campaign on behalf of the white opposition and crush anything that seeks to shine the ANC or anyone affiliated in a positive. 

This is done with such alarmingly unscrupulous and unprincipled manner that they don’t even fear glaringly obvious contradictions. Nompendulo was a hero when she stood up against the ANC, then quickly and ruthlessly turned villain when she didn’t want to shed her ANC colours.

She is not the first and most definitely not the last. EFF received a lot of positive media coverage when they first got to parliament and ruffled ANC feathers. They were hailed as great new kids on the block who were changing the way parliament worked. But the minute they ruffled some DA feathers it all changed.

They were now immature rabble rousers who didn’t understand how democracy worked….by the same media.

This clearly demonstrate that they will support even the devil himself if he appeared to be against the ANC. 

The white media and their cheerleaders on social media have shown themselves to be totally intolerant of opposing or even simply of differing views especially if your view isn’t against the ANC. For some, being anti-ANC has brought fame and success in the media space regardless of the substance, validity and in some cases even factual content of their material. 

Who needs to be an independent thinker when you can just be anti-ANC

Open Letter to All Two Faced Apartheid Beneficiaries

By Nco Dube

Since its the open letter season, I thought I would pen a humble one to all unrepentant apartheid collaborators and benefactors who claim to love Madiba.

The love so widely professed for #Madiba by the former apartheid collaborators and benefactors should be shown in deeds. So many profess this undying love and admiration for #Madiba yet they continue to blissfully enjoy the fruits of the same ill that #Madiba so selflessly fought against without lifting a hand in the uplifment of the previously oppressed.

What Nelson #Mandela stands for is being deliberately twisted to suit certain sections of our society. #Madiba is now being touted as having sacrificed 67 years of his life for reconciliation. What a load of bull!

#Madiba sacrificed, fought and went to prison so there can be an end to apartheid, racism, injustice, economic exclusion and landless ness. The reconciliation comes as a result of an end to these things.

The hand of reconciliation that Madiba so generously extended is being undermined by a lack of commitment to transformation by the very same people who maintained, collaborated with and benefitted from apartheid. It’s now left only to Madiba’s party, the #ANC and the black society to bring about transformation to their own lives. Of course the #AnC as the ruling party has huge responsibility to head up and maple meant transformation, so are the formerly oppressed who need to rise from the ashes and be the change they want.

But above all, responsibility lies with those who perpetrated and/or benefitted from apartheid, to head the fight to erase the apartheid legacy.

Instead, they have become loud and critical bystanders who seem to revel in the failure of the #ANC to lead transformation while doing nothing to transform society themselves. They expect the #ANC to go it alone. This can’t be right.

It’s like invading a person’s home, strip it bare and burn it down. Bezixebulela umkhoma. All the fittings from the stripped home are distributed amongst yourselves to build your own homes. You exile, jail, kill and enslave the occupants of the home. When they finally rise up against you a settlement is negotiated.

Part of the settlement was that the occupants of the home need to be assisted, under their own leadership into rebuilding their house and that you are guaranteed not to lose your own house built from what was stripped from their home.

But then their leadership seems to be failing to help them rebuild quick enough while you fold your hands and carry on with your own life. Here is is the confusing part, you then blame their leadership and the occupants themselves for being homeless. Fair enough, they should take the blame for continuously electing an inadequate leadership. Their fault is failing to rebuild but you are still responsible for them being homeless in the first instance! You still share responsibility to be involved and participate in the rebuilding.

The sad fact is that when the formerly oppressed rise up against the slow pace of transformation you will also be in the firing line because you are ultimately are responsible for and/or are still enjoying the fruits of their suffering at apartheid’s hands.

The general feeling is that while the current government is fraught with its own problems that impede transformation, you are also not playing your part as agreed at Codesa.

You jump at embracing the reconciliation side of #Madiba so as to ignore what he expects of you in return for that reconciliation.

What are you doing to help black people rebuild? Are you forgetting that they still remember that the house you live in is built from their own home fittings? Yakhelwe ngamaqubu abo!

The point I’m trying to make is you can’t claim us you love #Mandela while you are not, personally doing your part in transforming society. #Mandela’s struggle didn’t start with the fight for reconciliation amongst South Africans. It started with the fight against apartheid, injustice, racism, economic exclusion and landless ness. #Mandela was not born in 1994.

#Mandela was the Commander-In-Chief of Robert McBride, Solomon Mahlangu, and many other MK operatives that you fight so tirelessly against just to even get streets named after. He led the same MK you claim was a murderous outfit. How could they be murderous when they were fighting against the same ruthless apartheid you claim to also abhor? We’re the Allied forces murderous for fighting against Hitler?

#Mandela fought against the Pretoria you fight tooth and nail to keep. How are you committed to reconciliation while embracing the remnants of apartheid, some of whom are deeply offensive to the black population.

It is hypocritical and disgusting to profess undying love for Madiba while you spitting on his face by impeding or not assisting in achieving the kind of society he dreamt of.

If you believe #AA and #BEE are reverse racism, then you have no business visiting #Madiba’s hospital to lay flowers.

For land reform to happen, you need to lose some of the land taken from black people, for economic reform to happen you need to lose some of the directorships, management and ownership positions you hold to create space for black people. It can’t happen while you continue to build on the advantages you already have.

For black judiciary officers to be appointed, it means no white officers should be appointed! Why be against this if you love #Madiba and what he stands for?

Spare us you crocodile tears about #Madiba if you believe it’s time for black people to ‘get over it and move on’ while you have never contributed personally to transformation.

We can only move on when all that #Madiba fought for has been achieved. And no, it’s not the responsibility of a black government only to do that. It’s a shared responsibility.

The reconciliation #Mandela preaches is a genuine show of Ubuntu from a person who believed you were also genuine about your agreements at Codesa!

The fact is that #ANC failures do not absolve you of your shared responsibility to erase the apartheid legacy.

ZilleGate: The Double Speak

By Nco Dube
Politics is a dirty game. It is so dirty that no one, absolutely no one can play it and come out smelling of roses. Western Cape Premier and DA Leader Helen Zille is learning this the hard way. I’m not sure if it’s the sheer arrogance, which has characterised DA politics in recent times, or just plain naivete that she thought no one will follow the story that she and her party received numerous large donations after the DA started accusing the Guptas and their newspaper of corruption.
True to form, after newspaper reports that Telkom, Eskom and Transnet have spent a total of R27m sponsoring the New Age Newspaper Breakfast Briefing series, the DA announced Zille was pulling out a scheduled appearance and duly condemned the sponsorship as corrupt.
I agree that it is a bit curious that the Breakfasts were sponsored exclusively by State Owned Enterprises but the blame for that cannot be put on the newspaper itself but on the SOE’s. the DA argument that it is corrupt for a business to seek sponsorship when it can cover its costs from the ticket sales is shoddy and disingenuous. Businesses always seek sponsorship that will result in them making a profit. The New Age is a private business that seeks to make profit so why should it limit its sponsorship potential.
The issue should be whether the SOE’s followed proper protocols in sponsoring the events and did they benefit as envisaged through such sponsorships?
After pulling out of the scheduled appearance at one of these breakfasts Premier Zille claimed not to have known that the breakfasts were sponsored by the SOE’s. The New Age hit back by releasing a video of a copy of the Premier thanking Telkom for making breakfast she appeared in a year ago, possible through sponsorship! This did not appear to faze Premier Zille as she stubbornly accused the New Age of siphoning money from Government via their corrupt relationship with the ANC and President Zuma.
This has been an amusing little circus as the Premier was caught in a lie at every corner. Next, it emerged that she had received on behalf of her party various donations from the same Gupta family. Seemingly, its ok to get money for her party from the very same people she accuses of corruptly siphoning money from Government.
When I pointed this contradiction out to her on social network Twitter, she responded: “That would assume we had received money from them after we found out about the siphoning of public money. Get logical pls”. This is rather curious seeing that the Premier has been accusing the Guptas of benefitting corruptly from Government through their relationship with President Zuma since at least 2009 and she knowingly took money from them since then until at least 2011.
In her statement released a few days later Premier Zille claimed to have gone to the Gupta house to meet the mystery donor (she has since named the donor in public in contrast to DA policy as Sahara Computers CEO, Stefaan Nel) who turned out to be a Gupta company executive and received a cheque from him. She claims the DA sent a letter of thanks to the Guptas as courtesy since she had dinner at their house.
The not so mysterious donor denies this though, according to latest media reports, he claims the Premier knew the donation was from the Guptas and he was merely facilitating it as a Gupta employee. He also claims money came from Sahara Holdings (main Gupta company) and not his pocket.
What has been most interesting about the whole ZilleGate scandal is how the mainstream media is handling it. Gone are the experts and commentators who offer their invaluable opinion and analysis on any matter and all we see is the vilification of their own, the New Age and the carrying of Zille’s responses to the last full stop without any usual comment and analysis.
This has gone as far as the Twitter hashtag used for the scandal, #infogate. This was chosen by the DA and picked up by journalists and media as gospel. The very same journalists who claim independence have come up with a number of nametags themselves before like #nkandlagate etc but when it comes to this there is no #ZilleGate but they follow what the DA desires the scandal to be called.
It would be naïve to believe that we have a free and balanced media in this country. With the reporting on the Zille/Gupta story the media has stooped to their lowest. There is not even a ruse of trying to seem as if they are trying to report in a balanced way.
It’s clear that the New Age is suffering for its perceived sympathetic stance towards Government and the ANC. What is wrong with that in an environment where almost all media outlets are sympathetic to the opposition?
As for Helen Zille and the DA they have shown that its difficult in politics to keep a totally clean nose and to hold themselves to the same standards they hold the ruling party. But why is it so difficult?
In her recent statement Zille claimed that publicly outing their funders would invite the wrath of the ANC for the funders and will result in the death of all smaller political parties in SA. But contrary to this only her party and the ANC are opposed to this. The rest of the parties in parliament have over the years called for publication of political party donors and funders.

Who Puts The Flag First?

By Nco Dube
Our national flag is supposed to instil in us, the citizenry, a sense of pride in our country and our national being. Mostly, it is supposed to instil and inculcate a sense of patriotism in us.
When it comes to the Flag we are supposed to put our differences aside and pull together for the unity and advancement of our flag. That is how you put the Flag first. Country first in all you do.
Many western democracies, which so many look up to, have citizens practicing the Flag First philosophy. You will hardly hear American opposition parties and media externally criticising policies of the sitting government. They will vehemently oppose this at home but put up a united front externally.
In our country you actually find some opposition parties and our media actually going abroad and mobilising the international community against policies of the sitting government regardless of whether such actions are going to hurt the country, its economy and its citizens. Who puts the Flag first?
Our politicians, including the ruling party, seem to put party politics ahead of national and public interest. The futile no-confidence motion against President Zuma in Parliament is one such case in point.
This is nothing but an exercise in trying to destabilise the ANC ahead of their Mangaung conference. Don’t get me wrong, the opposition parties are within their rights to move for such a motion as they see fit, but to do it in order to influence internal processes in another political party or even to prove a point is a perversion of our hard fought democracy and a slap in the face for the public of this country.
After failing to convince Parliament’s programming committee, they took the matter to court and lost and are now taking the matter to the Constitutional Court. All this cost burden for what?
Interesting part is how the DA while saying the ANC can’t block their motion based on the premise that there was no consensus in the programming committee but they themselves are trying to block the e-tolls bill from being debated and voted on in parliament this week by using the very same reason? This show how opposition politics is based, not on principles but on oppose-at-every-step wild west cowboy gimmicks.
The opposition parties have a serious duty to make the ruling party account and to drive an activist parliament that provides effective oversight roles on other state arms. But our opposition political parties seem to want to rule from opposition benches for their own benefit and not in the public interest. Who puts the Flag first?
Another case in point is the recent Tlokwe Municipality debacle where, due to the Mangaung-linked infighting within the ANC, a DA councillor was elected Mayor after an ANC sponsored vote of no confidence in their own Mayor because he belongs to a faction aligned to North West ANC Chairperson Supra Mahumapelo (Mahumapelo is aligned to the Jacob Zuma camp).
Now the Municipality has a new Mayor and will spend money effecting the transition but in a few weeks, the ANC will crack a whip on its Councillors and they will again vote together to reinstate the old Mayor or even install a new ANC Mayor. All this, at a cost to the taxpayer.
The opposition parties, to fuel their own political grand standing become willing participants, even cheerleaders to this criminal spectacle instead of holding the ruling party to account.
This provides a glimpse into how the state machinery has been paralysed by ANC internal contestations. This can’t be in the public interest. Who is putting the Flag first?
The South African media is the worst of the lot. They will pursue any story regardless of its impact on pour national life or whether it’s true or not. Our media has shown itself to be loyal only to sensationalism that will yield the most profits.
There is absolutely no care for the Flag and public interest as far as our media is concerned. In doing so they are in derelict of their duty as the Fourth Estate. Instead of providing the public with neutral and balanced account of what is happening in the country, the media go out of its way to try and influence discourse in favour of opposition and/or white interest. Who puts the Flag first?
Is it not about time that we all put the Flag first? That we all engage in our duties based on the principled convictions? That we oppose, report and govern, not for our narrow partisan interest, but for the nation, the Flag?

Is The US Electoral System More Democratic Than Ours?

By Nco Dube

Amazingly the uninformed are very quick to point out how South Africa should follow the example of the US and allow citizens to elect their President directly.
What they don’t know, or mischievously, choose to ignore is that Americans don’t elect their President directly. In fact, constitutionally, South Africans have more say and participation in the election of our President than Americans do in theirs.

The most famous ruse pulled over our eyes is that the South African President is elected at ANC conferences and exclude the rest of us. This is a deliberate lie. The ANC chooses its own leaders who then contest national elections as presidential candidates like all other political parties.

What the misinformed and the lying brigade omit to tell us on the US process is that the two main political parties there hold what is called Primaries which where they nominate possible presidential contenders, this culminates into a Convention where each party nominates its candidate to contest the elections. This is not un-similar to the ANC branch nominations process which culminates into its national conference.

The biggest ruse of the US elections though is that it does not follow the fundamental tenet of democracy, that of “one man, one vote”.

In the elections we just saw in the US, the public was not voting directly for either Obama or Romney, they were voting for electoral college votes assigned to each state. If the candidate wins in that state, they take all the college votes assigned to that state. There is a total of 538 of these votes.

It’s only two weeks after the elections that the US President is actually voted into office by the college electors. The electors are party loyalists appointed by the winning party.

The interesting bit is that college electors are not constitutionally bound to vote as pledged, that is they don’t have to vote according to the mandate they received from the popular vote!

So, essentially, the power to elect the leader of the so called free world, lies in the hands of a few, faceless, 538 party loyalists.

Another interesting bit is that a candidate can win more popular votes (actual votes cast) and still lose the US elections. George W Bush got fewer votes than Al Gore but went on to become the 43rd US President because he scored more college votes.

Contrast this with our situation. In South Africa we don’t hold two horse races when it comes to national elections like the US does. In the last elections we had almost 30 candidates on it!

In our elections we vote for political parties who send representatives proportionately to parliament. Parliament, at it’s first sitting, then elects the president. This system has a direct link from the voters wishes to the election of the president and is transparent.

Facts are distorted in South Africa to portray our hard earned democracy as meaningless compared countries like the US. This is done with political objectives to attack the ruling party.

One hears of constantly repeated claims that only ANC conference candidates elect the South African President. Bull! The ANC president is not necessarily the President of the country. He/She still has to contest elections like all the other leaders of other political parties.

If people want to have a say in who the ANC president is, then they must join the ANC and participate in its internal processes.

Of course there is a lot that can improve in our electoral system but fact is we have a far more practical, participatory and transparent democracy than the US. No doubt about that.